Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 238: Treasure-Trove of Talent

Every year during the school's Foundation Week celebration, the most awaited event has always been the "Lit-Mus" or Literary Musical Competition. This year was no exception. Everyone was revved up for the different categories. Hours before showtime, students, parents and teachers were scrambling about to prepare for the contest - make-up, costumes and props had their last minute touch-ups.

Right before curtain call, there was a bevy of amazing costumes, animated characters and attractive props. The different groups had to compete in three categories namely, Readers' Theater, Speech Choir and Song Interpretation.

Here is the SUN Team (which my son is a part of) with their Readers' Theater performance that earned them first place...

...and their poignant interpretation of the Newsboys' "Amazing Love" which garnered 2nd place...

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