Thursday, July 9, 2015

from a long hiatus...promdi Mom returns!

When I look at my blog, I am brought back to times in Butuan and the simple provincial life...uncomplicated, serene, and quiet.  The lull from my last post (which was back in 2011) echoes years of silence.  A lot has happened since our move back to Cebu in 2011. In hindsight, I think I neglected the blog because deep inside I was guilty of abdicating my title of being a SAHM. Moving from a rural area to an urban one required a lot of adjustment and a big chunk of that pertained to financial needs. The higher cost of living dictated that I, too, had to carry the load in supporting our family.  And so this is the simple explanation to why you'll see a gap in blog entries. In the last four years I tried my best to get back on the saddle, so to speak, and find my own place under the sun. 

It was a challenging and demanding four years, half of which was spent in an entirely new environment with a crazy work schedule. Yes, promdi Mom tried it out in the BPO industry...and I'll happily strangle anyone who would say that work in the call center industry is a no-brainer and anyone can do it. It's very hard work which requires so much dedication and patience. I hobnobbed with people almost half my age that gave birth to most of them calling me "Mommy" at work. From that experience, I learned so much about myself, about what else I could do and how else I could contribute despite my being out of work for more than a decade. Despite the age gap, I never experienced being treated differently, in fact, it was the total opposite of what I expected. I was valued and cared for by BPO workmates and bosses. I forged many good friendships here which I will forever cherish.

When the after effects of a graveyard schedule finally got to me physically and at the home front, I had no recourse but to look for a normal day job. The search led me to get reacquainted with an affiliate of the company I used to work for many years ago. I got into working with the foundation right smack at the tailwind of the strongest typhoon to ever hit our country.  Social work was a totally new field of experience for me and there were lots to learn and being with a new group of colleagues and friends was something to look forward to. I was well into the routine of work when God threw me a curve ball...

Being asked to serve in our Christian community stopped me in my was so easy to say no knowing how demanding and busy my work was but something in me couldn't stay still with saying no and letting it go. It took the long Christmas holiday of 2014 for me take account of what was important and what that call of God meant. In the years that I got back into full time work, I inadvertently got into autopilot mode and thus dictated my relationship with my husband and kids...I became wife and Mom on auto mode. Deep inside I was yearning for that time I had in Butuan when being full time wife and Mom gave me so much fulfillment. And our God, being such a perfect planner, had it all mapped out for me, I just had to say "yes" to Him.

And so promdi Mom is baaaacccckkk!!! I am again nestled in the world where I feel I am my best self, doing the things I find most value in - being wife and Mom. Oh sure, the chaos of the daily rush to have the kids' school stuff and food ready on time will always be there and will drive me crazy but seeing my treasures' beaming smiles whenever I bring their hot lunch to school tell me that I made the right choice. Having time for my hubby and each of my three children without worrying that I have a report or presentation to make gives me a glorious high - it is a luxury that not many wives and mothers have so I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity.

It is not without worries because there will always be challenges when one makes choices but this verse from Matthew 6:32-33 strengthens my faith and gives me hope:

"Your Father in heaven knows that you need all these things. Instead, be concerned with the Kingdom of God and with what He requires of you, and He will provide you with all these other things."