Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 219: Review

Examinations are dreaded by most if not all students. Well, as a parent, I also dread the coming of quarter exams since it means a toxic week of intense review. Ever since Jarred was in Kinder I, I've made it a point to prepare printed reviewers based on their lesson coverage. I discovered that doing such really makes him more interested in review and testing than just going through his books or notes. 

It does take some deal of preparation on my end (I need to have the pointers ready a week before exams) but the review proper becomes a breeze once the sample tests are ready and printed out.

If it makes my son's work much easier, I'd gladly take on the sacrifice each quarter to prepare his reviewers for him. For parents who need help on making such sample exams for their children, I've made the ones for Mathematics and Science available on Google Docs.

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