Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 228: Breaktime!

The preparations for the BFCS Foundation Week celebration is on full swing now. All groups from preschool to elementary are busy with memorizing their lines for both the Speech Choir and Readers Theater, learning the steps for the Song Interpretation and Field Demo. 

Stage Mom that I am, I've taken an active role in the week-long celebration by helping out the SUN Team with the Speech Choir and Readers Theater. During rehearsals, I would be the one correcting their pronunciation, intonation and pausing. I also helped them achieve the right vocal power and unison. The SUN kids are a bunch of talented, hardworking and energetic boys and girls. Of course, there are times when they'll be kids and get rowdy or noisy but they do know when to get downright serious and give their performance best.

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