Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 227: Mommy Piggy is Belly-Mama...

Mommy Piggy is belly-mama as she is now more than halfway through her pregnancy. I guess the process of carrying offspring is similar across species, especially getting the hormones all wired up. She absolutely loves being doused with water very often (being pregnant does make you feel hotter than ever) and those mood swings are apparent now and then. 

Pregnancy is one of the valid reasons I had to "pig out" in the past. Well, I was eating for two, right? Hmmm..."pig-out" I know why that expression was coined. I was told that ever since Mommy Piggy got preggers, her appetite shot to the roof - she was hungry all the time!!! I know the feeling of being hungry for two...but can you just imagine being hungry for at least 12? Whoa!!! Eat on belly-mama!

Well, it wouldn't be long now until her wee little ones make their entrance...

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