Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 226: Sis. Ched's Journey

"Each person has his/her own story to tell."  This is what I've come to realize and appreciate during our joint breakfast meetings at BCBP.  At the end of two full weeks, I revel in the fact that I will get spiritual and emotional renewal by listening to the life stories of our featured sharers. Each individual/couple has their own journeys to share, crosses and burdens to reveal, and inspirational messages to impart. By sharing a part of themselves, I get humbled by the enormous pains, sacrifices and burdens they talk about that have shaped their lives. I come to realize that my own little struggles are nothing compared to theirs and I become thankful for all the blessings I have in my life. 

And it was such a revelation to me when Sis. Ched made her life sharing today...she is one of the ladies who made such an impression on me the first time I met her. Definitely an extrovert, she's a cheerful and chatty person much like my own Mom (this is the trait I definitely inherited from her). Sis. Ched is the type of person who lights up the room upon her entrance. I also remember how she helped me implore the power of the Holy Spirit for the gift of tongues during our baptism last July 3. 

For someone so bubbly and lighthearted, I didn't quite expect to hear the enormity of the hardships she had to endure most of her life. I know that she is living proof of God's grace and goodness as she was able to endure and overcome all trials and is now living a life of service to the Lord and the community. I learned that by giving your full trust to the Lord and surrendering your life to Him, He guarantees life everlasting with Him in heaven. Sis. Ched's sharing touched me in a very powerful way, at times driving me to tears and I know that it was God himself who was touching my life through her words.

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