Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 217: Truly Pinoy

Ask any Pinoy abroad what food they miss most from home and I'm sure Jollibee would be on their top 5 list. A brainchild of the Caktiong family of Davao, it began as a small Magnolia Ice Cream House in Cubao, Quezon City originally named JollyEgg. Over the years, the business evolved into a hamburger/fries fast food outlet and eventually changed its name to the ever famous JOLLIBEE

The unique Filipino flavor in their food offerings is probably one of the main reasons why its such a hit for us Pinoys. Nowadays, the famous bee mascot is a familiar landmark anywhere in the country and is even making its presence felt at key cities in Asia and North America.

My own kids have developed a love affair with Jollibee - having the Yum Burger, Jolly Spaghetti and Crispy Fries as their top favorites. Of course, it doesn't hurt that most outlets have a play area where they can spend hours of wonderful playtime.

What's your favorite Jollibee food item?


  1. Nah, wala gyud. I prefer the taste of the competitor. *Wink* But I miss though the late 80's when burgers hardly fill my small jaw. *Big laugh*. Nowadays, burgers almost compete with the size of munchkins.

  2. Sis, pareho ta...I wanted to say that my tastebuds do prefer the "bland" yet beefy taste of competitor "M" however my post is a feature on Jollibee so I couldn't include that comment.