Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 236: Grand Parade

Students, Teachers, Admin and Parents unite to start the celebration with a big bang!

Princes and Princesses with their court
After nearly a month of preparations, the long-awaited school foundation week celebration has finally come. This year, BFCS certainly pulled all the stops - from the very successful fund raising activity (plastic recycling) to the announcement of this year's young Prince and Princesses. 

For me personally, this event has given me the opportunity to help out and support the children and faculty in the different contests. It was also a wonderful venue to meet up and get to know the other parents in the community.

Take a peek at the grand opening salvo...

The fierce warriors - DACTYL Team
The bright and cheery SUN Team
The ever-sparkling  STAR Team
The young scene-stealers - TITANS Team

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