Friday, February 25, 2011

Day 56: EDSA Boy to Freedom Man

Even before February 25 became a memorable date to millions of Filipinos, it was already a special one in our family. Thirty years ago, on February 25, 1981, my parents' unico hijo and my only brother, was born. He was a "pahabol" baby, surprising both Mommy and Daddy, since they never expected to still conceive six years after my younger sister was born. In many ways, he was the miracle that Daddy was hoping and praying for...a boy to carry on his name. 

Christened PAULO REY NIÑO, his name was carefully chosen and had a lot of meaning. PAULO - to commemorate the visit of the late Pope John Paul II to the Philippines just a few days prior to his birth; REY - obviously named after Dad without having to add a "Junior" to his name and NIÑO - as a reminder of Mom and Dad's devotion to the Sto. Niño.

Onin (family nickname), was fortunate to be born at a time when the family's finances were at a boom. "Lavished upon" would probably be an understatement to the kind of lifestyle that he grew up in. Whatever he wanted or needed, he got. He was doted upon by everyone. Despite all the attention and material things bestowed upon him, he grew up relatively well-mannered and quite innocent. He may have been spoiled but he didn't grow up to be a brat. I might have a reservation or two about his being brought up too sheltered and protected but all in all, my parents did the best they could. 

He was my sidekick during my college days, oftentimes hanging out with me at the Buklod-Isip tambayan whenever I pick him up from the Ateneo Grade School. I have plenty of memories from that time in our lives and I choose to dwell on them rather than get distracted by the harsh realities of now.

In the past 8 years or so, Onin has undergone two tremendous heartbreaks, both incidences having endings that are much too alike. It is the kindhearted part of him that gets broken and it continues to pain me knowing this. Despite his shortcomings and weaknesses, he certainly didn't deserve to be treated the way he did. Most would probably give up after suffering such powerful blows in life, but Onin remains strong, steadfast and upright.

It is this strength in him that I see which makes me believe he is definitely capable of doing great things in his life - if only he believes it and acts with bold faith in God and himself. At this important milestone in his life - the big 30, may it signify his transformation from being identified as EDSA Boy to Freedom Man. As I've mentioned to him many times before, he needs to spread his wings and just fly.

To dearest Onin - Happy 30th Birthday!!! May God continue to work His miracles in your life  and give you the true desires of your heart...Ate loves you very much!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 51: Spaghetti Sunday

My three kids are typical youngsters who love Pinoy-style spaghetti. It's no wonder that it's on top of their minds whenever we pass by the towering signages of either Jollibee or McDonald's.  However, ever since discovering that a typical meal at any of these two outlets would cost our brood of five at least P350, we've tried to lessen, if not eliminate, going there for meals.

The last time the kids were treated to their fave spaghetti was over the Christmas holidays in Cebu. I knew they'd love a spaghetti weekend so I tried to fit the meal budget so that I can prepare their favorite. Looking for frugal means to still enjoy a childhood favorite, I discovered that using certain ingredients could still make a mean spaghetti without being too expensive. Instead of ground beef, I use CDO corned beef that's being sold per kg at the grocery. By substituting such, I can still afford to add mushrooms and hotdogs to the recipe. As for the hotdogs, I use the secondary hotdog line of a famous brand - in this instance, instead of the CDO premium Bibbo brand, I use their Idol brand. The kids would barely notice the difference since it's mixed in the sauce anyway. With a budget of P260.00, I was able to make enough spaghetti that stretched to three meals. The first two meals were with pasta and the third one was with rice already as the pasta ran out. Not bad eh?

As you can see, the kids had bulging bellies after eating and it was "clean plate" all the way!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 46: Love Overflows

As the two girls and I picked up Kuya from school yesterday, he proudly presented us with a Valentine craft he did during English class. Two hearts mounted on a popsicle stick, it was such a beautiful Valentine's gift knowing that he poured out his heart and love into it. 

Before I could take a photo of all of us with it, little CeeJae already took the liberty of "tasting" the heart by biting off a teeny weeny piece off one heart. Maybe she thought it was a chocolate heart or something eh?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 45: I Carry Your Heart

Today is Valentine's Day and since hubby and I won't be able to spend it together, I'll venture out of the obvious romanticism associated with this day and instead focus on the other meaning of Valentine's for me and my family. 

Here is a 5-year old blog entry on my old blog which paid tribute to my sister on her birthday. So on her Valentine birthday today, I re-publish it to let her know that I continue to carry her heart with me...I carry it in my heart, always.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 43: Her Father's Daughter

For the past several weeks, I would let my youngest daughter tag along whenever I attended the BCBP Joint Breakfast. I noticed that she has already learned the usual mechanics upon entering the breakfast venue. She'll be the one to hold on to the meal ticket and would also get her Dad's name tag for her to wear.  CeeJae likes to be the one to choose which meal to eat too and gladly hands over the ticket to the server after making her choice. 

The BCBP breakfast is one she eats with gusto, especially when there's an egg cooked sunny-side-up and ripe banana for dessert. 

Here you will see how proudly she wears her Dad's name tag...and with that look on her face, she's truly her father's daughter.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 42: It's A Small World (shìjiè zhēn xiǎo)

After a week's delay due to the massive flooding in Butuan, the Chinese New Year's presentation of the students of Butuan Faith Christian School finally pushed through today. Nothing prepared me for the amazingly majestic showcase of dances and song that the entire student body spent weeks and weeks of practice on while under the able tutelage of their teachers and advisers. From the way the audience reacted after every number, it was obvious that they were blown away. Well, you be the are the different performances of the talented students of BFCS...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 34: Under the Covers

Kuya Jarred decides to just chill surrounded by pillows
You really have to hand it to children's imaginations whenever they are left to have fun using the simplest things. 

Right before bedtime, my three rugrats seize the opportunity to horse around for a while using pillows and bedcovers. So, take a sneak peek at what happens in our room at night...

Cutesy CeeJae plays hide-n-seek

Sweet Caitlin is on hyperdrive

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 32: Juana Change - A CHANGE OF HEART

Juana Change is at it again!

This time the tables are turned...she's doing the satire on the very person she chose to support during last year's elections.

By the looks of things, she fully regrets that decision...