Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 234: Girl Power!!!

Not too long ago, there was constant struggle and battle with my eldest daughter during dress up time. She refused to wear anything feminine and opted to strut in jeans or sportswear. For a while, it was devastating for me as I've waited such a long time to spend "kikay" moments with my daughter since for many years before her birth, it was only Kuya Jarred I had to dress from head to foot. Of course, for boys it's a no-brainer...shirt, shorts/jeans, slip-ons or rubber shoes and that's it! 

It took the arrival of another princess in the family to finally awaken the fashion diva in  Atchie Caitlin. Nowadays, dressing up is such a breeze! My big princess now loves to do fashion shows of her different outfits, mixing and matching them up. And with her gorgeous long hair, Mommy can really bring on the kikay power to the max!

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