Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 220: Jollibee Kids Party

Many years ago, when my firstborn Jarred Andrei was still a toddler and we were still living down south in GenSan, he celebrated two of his birthdays (2nd & 3rd) with Jollibee Kids parties. Those two occasions were birthday packages won from promos of the popular EQ Dry diapers. Today, we were invited to the 5th birthday of Mariella, the eldest daughter of our ka-Bro and Sis in BCBP, Jeff and Manette Dellosa, celebrating it with the ever-popular Jollibee Kids party.

It was indeed deja vu time as I recalled the similar games and songs played during the party. Not to be missed of course is the special appearance and participation of the great bee himself - JOLLIBEE!!!

All three of my kids had a blast with the games, dance numbers and yummy food. Thanks for inviting us, Dellosa family!

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