Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 166: False Start

The official start of the new school year was supposed to be today, June 15 and Jarred was excitedly preparing for it over the long weekend. With his schoolbag and lunch bag washed, old school polos repaired, and new stuff like notebooks, pens and long pants purchased, he was raring to face primary school.

When we arrived in school this morning, we were surprised to see the announcement that classes would start the next day instead. Well, we didn't pass by the school road over the weekend that's why we didn't know about the announcement. We learned of the sad news that school administrator's husband died over the weekend and the funeral was today. The school faculty and staff will pay their last respects that's why school opening was postponed for tomorrow. We join the BFCS Family in prayer for the repose of Mr. Tan's soul and condole with his surviving family.

Looking at the picture above, I wasn't sure if Jarred was glad or disappointed about this extra day of play. What do you think?

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