Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 169: My First Online Purchase

These lovely pair of wedge shoes arrived today! They were ordered and paid for 4 days before. It was my very first domestic online purchase.

For sometime now, I'd been curious about all these online sellers sprouting here and there on Facebook and Multiply. I've really toned down in my shopping habits ever since I got married so I seldom make fashion purchases for myself. This was until I came across pictures of these wedge shoes on Facebook. I've been scouting for a pair for months now but I couldn't find a lovely pair with a reasonable price tag. Even though online shopping seemed an unorthodox way to obtain what I wanted, I bit the bullet and tried if it was a process I could really trust. 

Well, the online seller was very accommodating and always answered my inquiries promptly. She also posted pictures of her sold goods ready to be shipped out and identified herself with personal photos too. Hey payment option was convenient too as it was through the payment facility of my mobile phone. How cool was that? And so as soon as I made the payment, she confirmed receipt and told me to expect the shoes in 3-4 days. In fact, a day after I sent payment, I saw a picture of my parcel on her profile. 

Suffice to say, I'm one happy online customer and I can see myself doing more shopping this way from now on. Of course, there are also horror stories of bogus sellers lurking all over the world wide web so utmost care should be observed when doing this kind of transactions. Here are some tips to note:
  1. Make sure the seller identifies herself well on her profile page by exposing her working email address, mobile number and/or landline number.
  2. Look for pictures of the seller so you can match her shop name with a face. If you can't find a photo of the seller on her page, that's a red flag.
  3. Search through her archives for proofs of sale or shipment: photos of courier receipts, packed goods ready for shipment, etc.
  4. Take time to skim through comments from other shoppers or buyers on her page and look for positive feedback. If you find none, that's a red flag too.
  5. Do contact your seller through PM, email and mobile phone to be sure she responds quickly to your queries. Another check I made was through the mobile phone payment facility I opted for. I found my seller's full name tagged to her mobile phone number.
These are just a few reminders to make your online shopping experience both safe and exciting. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

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