Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 165: Independence?

Philippine Independence Day fell on a Saturday this year (June 12) but because of a weird Presidential proclamation, its observance was moved to today. I think it had something to do with tourism so that people would have long weekends for some getaway or something. Of course this is a yahoo moment for kids because  there's no school and for parents because it's an extra day of bonding with the family. However, if we look closely at the real implication, we'll discover that it isn't good for  most laborers as they lose an opportunity to earn on this day. Another thing to look at is the overall impact on the celebration itself. By moving the holiday, the real meaning for its commemoration somehow loses its importance. If I were still a young student or an office worker, I'd probably rejoice about no-work holidays like this but now that I can understand how it adversely affects more important issues, I see there's no reason to jump for joy. The celebration of a nation's true independence can only happen if its people are able to live by the principles that our forefathers and heroes fought hard for. Until then, it is just a facade to hide the ugly truth of a decaying nation and society.

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