Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 181: Dismayed and yet...hopeful...

(photo courtesy of REUTERS)

Today marked an important day in the country's history...President-elect Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, nicknamed Noynoy/P-Noy was sworn in as the Republic of the Philippines'  15th president. 

During the recently concluded national and local elections, I was quite vocal about my personal choice for the country's top post and P-Noy it definitely was NOT. I didn't think he had the qualities I was looking for as the country's leader nor did he have the necessary qualifications and experience to run a troubled nation such as ours. I still stand by these beliefs but I also have to acknowledge and accept that the greater majority of Filipinos have spoken and made their choice.

As I was watching the live coverage of the Inaugural Ceremonies, I cringed at how a dignified event turned out to be more of a Wowowee episode. Even the President's Inaugural Address left much to be desired. Sure, it was done in Filipino but a close scrutiny of the content would reveal that it was nothing but a well-dressed can of empty promises, nothing concrete nor measurable. 

More focus was given on non-essential things like "wang-wang" President, P-Noy should know that there are certain security protocols that cannot be compromised, the highest position in the land need to be protected (for all citizens sake). C'mon! There are more important and pressing problems that need attention...focus!!!

I watched and as I continued to do so I got more and more dismayed and frustrated...with what I've seen and heard, I'm expecting the new Aquino government to fail but I have to remain hopeful and prayerful that it doesn't...for all our sakes.

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