Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 173: Creamy Goodness

The love for ice cream is something my children inherited from their Dad. No matter the flavor, be it branded or the pinoy sorbetes type, the kids always look forward to have this yummy treat.

I do have a sweet tooth myself but my preference lie with cakes, pastries and chocolates. Of course, I wouldn't refuse a cone of ice cream if offered one (wink!!!).

Talking about ice cream kinda brings me back to my childhood days when my parents would bring my siblings and I to the Magnolia Ice Cream House along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City (I believe it's now known as the Nestle Creamery). We spent many bonding moments there over bowls of creamy concoctions and glasses of sundaes.

Well, I can't give my kids the exact same cool experience but I can assure them that their childhood will be filled with wonderful family moments together over cones of their favorite "flavor of the road" (streetside sorbetes).

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