Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 160: Fast Food

What was supposed to be a quick errand at the local mall turned out into a family bonding moment. I planned it all in my head already...quick stop at the courier to send off a document then to the telecom shop to send payment for a purchase - two tasks that could've been done in less than 30 minutes. Well, that's the ideal situation had I been by myself however, my 3 rugrats tagged along so you could pretty much guess that each child added about 30 minutes or so to the tasks at hand. It was almost past lunchtime when I finally finished the things I set out to do and just decided that we grab a quick bite at the mall's fast food area.

To avoid too much mess, I decided on burgers for the two older kids, a pasta dish for the baby and mami with empanada for me paired with tetra pack juices. I had low expectations for the food since I knew it was a local mall that's not in the same caliber as SM or Robinson's but I must say their food fare were both yummy and affordable. At the end of  an hour's meal, the plates on our tray were wiped clean...burp!!!

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