Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 171: Father's Day 2010

The Almighty Father has been so gracious in gifting me with wonderful stewards of His fatherly love on this earth. Today, I pay tribute to the three men who give real meaning to the word "FATHER"

To my loving Daddy...

You were my strength and inspiration growing up since you played the role of mother most of my young life as you and Mom had a reversal of roles in our family. I grew up seeing you manage the little details of home life - attending to our school needs, nutrition and learning. During most days, you went out of your way to deliver freshly-cooked meals to school so that I'd have a wonderful lunch experience. You painstakingly taught me the rudiments of Math whenever I'm ready to give up (it was never my favorite subject but with under your tutelage, I survived it). Yours was the loudest applause whenever I had to be on stage for school performances and quarterly academic awards. It was your shoulder I cried on when I had my first heartbreak. You raised my bar of expectation for possible suitors and eventually for my choice of life partner. He had to at least match you in every possible way or else he's out of the running. Even when I became independent and started a family of my own, you never ceased to love and support me. As a grandfather, you dote on my children and love each one equally. I may never get to see you as often as I want to but keep in your heart the knowledge that you are never far from my heart nor my mind.

To my dear Papa...

The greatest gift you have ever given me is the gift of your son. Through you, God granted me a most wonderful man to love and care for. Your ways may have been totally different from my Dad's but it was your own personal touch. Life's lessons were learned through and because of you. During times of need, you always had an open heart and lent your time and effort. I remember your invaluable presence when we first moved to Butuan and didn't have extra help. You stayed with me and the children while hubby was on regular out-of-town trips in his job. There were times you dozed off while patiently waiting for me to finish my online lessons. Your grandchildren find security and peace in your loving embrace and they are always excited to see you during brief visits. I thank God everyday for doubling my source of fatherly love by bringing you into my life.

To my Ga, my darling Jerome...

If there was an award for the Best Father in the World, you'd most likely bag it for your ways are so unconventional and yet they are always right and logical in raising children to be the best all-around Christians. By going against time-tested practices and making your own parenting rules, you manage to combine lessons learned from old ways and the new way of thinking to meet current global needs. Unorthodox as they may be, I know that our children will be better equipped to face the challenges of the future. I am proud to say that whatever I know about parenthood today I learned from you and I've become a better mother to our children because of you. Your parenting style is one of tough love - a way I know that will make our children strong, independent, confident and decisive. Sure, it's hard to see them go through life's hardships but it's going to be much more difficult if we gave them the easier way of life. That ain't love, it's spoiling. As a loving and caring Dad, you make sure our children are provided with their needs, even just the simple ones that bring smiles to their faces. After all, in life, it's you who they need and not whatever material stuff they just see or want. As they grow, I can see that what they appreciate is our presence in their lives, they're content and truly happy with what they have. In many ways, you've also weaved your parenting magic on me and made me a much better person in so many ways. I can never thank you enough for being an awesome Dada to our three kids. They are truly blessed to have you as their father. 


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