Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 170: Beat the Heat

With the rising cost of fuel, many of the things that we enjoy in life have also risen in cost. So the small luxuries we used to indulge in may now be too expensive for us. One such product is ice cream which is one of the family's favorite all-time heat and stress buster. Branded ones, including those packaged as promo "in-one" items are now proving to be too heavy on the pocket. 

Fortunately, a childhood favorite is still around and going strong. Remember the Celeste Legaspi tune "Mamang Sorbetero"? Well, it's good that in my city, there are still more than a handful of these peddling ice cream vendors roaming the streets offering cool treats to young and old alike. 

Of course, they're not as milky or creamy as the branded ones since their base is made from coconut milk instead but the flavors are amazingly creative and still gives that refreshing feeling of coolness. After all, the most important thing is beating this crazy hot weather, right?

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