Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 121: Firstborn

After finishing the collage of my bunso, CeeJae, when she turned 1 almost a week ago, I got inspired to do the same for my two older kids. It was fun rummaging through over a thousand photos and choosing only one for every year of my dear firstborn son, JARRED ANDREI. It was a nostalgic trip down memory lane, remembering every occasion and situation depicted in each photo. 

I can't believe that 7 years has passed since I held a handsomely-dark little baby boy in my arms. It was a challenge as a first-time Mom and we've had hits and misses, my son and I, but I'm proud to say that he brought out the best in me as a mother. Despite the difficulties I encountered both as a wife and Mom during Jarred's early years, he turned out to be such a smart, confident and caring young boy. I can rely on him to take care of his two younger siblings when I'm busy with house chores or teaching tasks. He plays substitute teacher to them at times so it's not a surprise that the girls are starting to love school and learning.

To my firstborn, my only son - thank you for showering my life with so much joy and pride. You will always be my baby and even though there are times we don't see eye to eye, always remember that Mommy loves you so much.

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