Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 150: The Balanghay

This is a replica of the Balanghai boat which is the vessel used by the Malay settlers in the Philippines during pre-Hispanic times. It was the first wooden watercraft discovered in Southeast Asia and of the specimens unearthed in Butuan City, the oldest was dated back to 320 A.D. This meant that trading between the Philippines and the world had existed as early as this time. Most Balanghais were used to transport clans and families from the rest of the world into the Philippines. These watercrafts were entirely made of wood, including the pegs (nails) that were used to hold the planks together. The existence of the Balanghai showed the life of the early Filipinos which centered around fishing, trading, warfare and communication.

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  1. Where did you see the balanghay? I first saw it in the National Museum. I admit I had no idea we had such sophisticated pre-colonial culture. Philippine history it seemed started when Magellan "discovered" Pinas. I came to realize then that we share much in common with Polynesians morphologically and historically.