Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 140: Telltale

In my previous post, I marveled on my beach tan and new hairstyle. What the photo on that entry failed to show is what I'm featuring here.

You don't have to look closely to notice the telltale signs of's screaming right at you. That's right, within my crowning glory nestles hundreds of silver strands, glimmering and shining for all to see. I'd have to say that premature graying runs in my family. My maternal grandmother has been sporting the coolest all-white 'do for decades now. My Mom has shared the same color in the last 5 years...imagine my current hairstyle in all-grey.

My stylist has tried to convince me more than once to have coloring and highlights done. He says it will do my short style justice. Wow! I'd love to but breastfeeding since 2006 has prevented me from going the dye route. If my 2nd daughter decides to follow her Atchie, it'll take me until 2012 (at the earliest) before I can consider having my locks colored. For the time being, let the silver in my hair remain as a symbol of growth and maturity.

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