Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 124: Out of Order

I had a bad day today. After waiting for the power to come back (which took about 5 hours), I was excited to get back online. Imagine my horror when upon pressing my PC's power on switch, a black screen appeared to say that a system file is missing or corrupt. I tried turning it off and on several times and still the same message appeared.

I was almost in panic mode when I found out that the shop that usually services our PC is backlogged and can't accommodate my unit. Another thing is that I'm alone with the kids so I can't really leave them to bring my PC to a repair shop.

Well, thank God for kind-hearted friends like Siansi Jenny who went out of her way to look for someone who could assist me. Well, the unit was picked up from the house and well on it's way to recovery (I hope!).

I just pray I don't lose much information or files when the technician finally finishes the repair. And so now, the countdown begins...dum dee dum (twiddling my thumbs while waiting).

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