Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 119: My Princess

It wasn't too long ago when I held Cailie as a tiny baby in my arms. I remember being thrilled to see how fair-skinned she was, with lips that could rival that of Snow White's. For a long time, she remained tiny and small for her age. There was a point I was alarmed about her size but many friends assured me that as long as you see her active and bright, there was nothing to worry about.

And how right they were! My princess may still be on the petite side but she has grown so much over the last few years. She's certainly taller (which explains why her long pants now look like capris) and heavier. Whereas before, she would burst into tantrums when asked to wear dresses and skirts, she now looks forward to dressing up and being fashionable.  It was just a matter of time before she discovered the world of being "kikay".

Cailie is very expressive, "malambing" and thoughtful yet she's tough and formidable when she needs to be. With her Kuya by her side, she was able to take advantage of learning the English language painlessly. I could see that she got her love for school and learning from him too.

She's a doting "Atchie" to Shobe, CeeJae, many times helping Kuya take care of the "bunso" in the family. I guess she's pretty secure in her place in the family that's why our initial fear that she may resent having a new baby never materialized. Cailie adores CeeJae!

Sometimes, I do wish time would not pass by so quickly...I still want to enjoy my babies as they are now. I'm sure before I know it, my little princess would be all grown up and ready to face the world.

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