Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 97: Amusement

It was another super hot day with the usual 5-hour scheduled brownout.  To pass the time, the fam bam decided to spend a few hours at the local mall.  Armed with large cups of thirst-quenching sago't gulaman, we first hit some shoe stalls to look for wedge sandals for me and outdoor shoes for hubby.  It was only hubby who got lucky and scored a pair of casual shoes for a steal.  Passing by the amusement center, the two older kids begged to be allowed to play.  Armed with 5 tokens each (P50 worth total), they scrambled for their favorite video game and ride.  To get better mileage, they shared rides with each other which I thought was such a smart strategy.  It was only CeeJae who didn't seem to appreciate the joys of arcade games yet.

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