Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 110: My Treasures

During times of uncertainty and doubt, I only have to look at three innocent faces to know that I am on the right track and that I've made pretty good choices in my life.  Twenty years ago, I would've scoffed at the idea of being a stay-at-home Mom and wife.  I'd probably say "Why put to waste many years of study just to become a domestic diva?".  Well, that was exactly what I thought of being domesticated then.  I thought I'd be doing a great disservice to my parents who sacrificed a lot to make sure I got topnotch education.

Fast forward to today...I'm a proud domestic goddess and a happy stay-at-home Mom - roles I never thought I'd choose when I was still in the corporate jungle.  When I made the decision in 2001 to focus all of my energy on family and home management, I wasn't sure I was making the right choice.  Now, looking at the lovely photos of my three young children, I know, deep in my heart, I did well.  Not many women are given the opportunity to stay with their children 24/7 like I do as most women now need to balance family life and a career.

I'd have to say that there are times I miss being part of the hustle and bustle of corporate life but not so much that I'd choose to go back to that path.  I love where I am now and what I'm doing.  Taking care of three children under 8 with only the parenting partnership of my hubby is no easy task.  It requires a lot of patience.  Every single day is chaotic...what I'd call joyful chaos.  It's loud, crazy and messy at times but above all, it's fun and fulfilling.  Getting a kiss and a tight hug from my kids at the end of a busy day only strengthens my belief that I did right.  I'm responsible for raising three lives and I'm going to make sure they grow up as good Christians with great dignity and ambition.

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  1. Hi Cathee...we may be on the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to our views on SAHM but you are right...we are anchored by our children!

    It's so great to know you more through Project 365. I'm glad you joined, C! mwah!