Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 4: A Reunion of Sorts

When hubby and I were still dating, there was a hole-in-the-wall batchoy place that we would frequent in the Capitol area in Cebu. It was called Carlo's Batchoy. It was just an open-air outlet where people from all walks of life would frequent to get their fix of hot, steaming batchoy. 

Shortly after arriving in Cebu for the holidays, I wandered off to the place where I knew Carlo's was located and was surprised to find out it wasn't there anymore. It took two more days of leisurely walking along the Capitol-Fuente area to discover where this batchoyan eventually moved to. Well, it underwent a face-lift and is now an air-conditioned place located at the row of stalls called "Boulevard". The price of a bowl of special batchoy with egg didn't change from years ago...what changed though is the serving size and the amount of "goodies" in every bowl. 

This short rendezvous at an old familiar place also gave us the opportunity to bond as a family even for just a brief moment. There was laughter, loud exchanges of everyday experiences - from the funny issues at work to mundane ones like taxi escapades. On our way home, we couldn't pass up not having some shots of the Cebu Capitol building at night. Passersby and motorists probably thought we were some crazy bunch roaming the streets but they didn't know we were a family finally having a long-awaited reunion.

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