Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3: My Little Troopers

The end of vacation is never something anyone looks forward fact, it is dreaded by all! In the Philippines, where Christmas and New Year are the longest holidays of the year, Filipinos always wish the vacation was one day longer.

Well, school resumes today, hence the rush to go back home. I was still contemplating on extending our Cebu vacation 2-3 days longer and am I glad I didn't succumb to the temptation or else we would've been stuck or stranded somewhere due to the nonstop rains and flooding all the way home to Butuan. 

My troop of 3 young ones proved themselves brave and ready for anything. The actual boat ride from Cebu to Surigao was actually a breeze, with all three of them on their best behavior. I'm glad it was a day trip which took only about 6 hours compared to the usual 10-12. It was already raining very hard when we docked at Surigao and we had no choice but to don our hooded jackets and disembark. Only our jackets were soaked when we finally made it on the bus bound for Butuan. The kids were mostly asleep throughout the 2.5 hour bus ride. Heavy rains greeted us at the terminal and we were fortunate to get a tricycle to bring us all the way home. Soaked and hungry, we finally arrived home safe and sound early last night. A quick bath, change of clothes and some leftover "baon" as dinner, we snuggled together in bed basking in the cool, rainy weather. Thank you God for keeping us safe!

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