Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 76: A New Decade of Twogetherness

2012 marks a milestone in our marriage. This year, we are entering our 2nd decade of being together as husband and wife.  Back in 2001, 10 years seemed such a long time and looking back, that first decade went by so quickly. It marked so many firsts for us and we experienced many challenges and trials during that time. 

As our family grew, so did we, as a couple. There were a lot of issues that we had to settle as well as storms to weather. In every challenge, we took with us precious wisdom and learning.

In reaching our 11th year, the challenge that we are faced now is fortifying our relationship to ensure that we provide a good and loving example to our children as they grow up. Another facet of change would be working as a couple to inspire others to value their relationship and continue to work on being committed to each other.

For my dear hubby...may this simple gift express all of the love and gratitude I have for you for all of the love you've showered upon me and our children. No amount of words can suffice to thank you for all of the sacrifices you've made for me and our family. 

Happy 11th Anniversary Ga! I'm excited to spend the next decade and many more decades to come with you...

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