Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 157: New Kids on the Block

New school...

School year 2011-2012 has brought in some firsts and some new things...after spending the first three years of school life in Butuan Faith Christian School, Jarred is now facing the challenge of being the new kid on the block. Entering the Grade II level at his Dad's elementary alma mater - St. Francis of Assisi School, he may have some bumps here and there before he gets the hang of things in this new school. Joining him is newbie student, Caitlin, who's beginning formal school for the first time as a Kinder pupil at the same school.

God has directed our path ever since we knew about our inevitable move to Cebu. The school is strategically located as it is less than 2 km away from home and is also on the way to their Lola's place of work. They may be newbies but I know they can manage and will enjoy their time at SFAS.

Many thanks to Tito Ninong Alfred and Tita Ninang Phebz for making the nearly impossible possible .

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