Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 97: Movie Date

Thanks to a couple of movie passes courtesy of my brother-in-law Jeff, my son and I were able to have a movie date at the SM Cinemas. 

Having lived in the more laid-back places in the Philippines for the past 9 years, I was in shock to discover that cinema prices in the city are now at a minimum of P170/head. It would even go up to twice that if the movie were 3D or ultra special. Wow!!!

Well, unless we'll be gifted with complimentary theater tickets, regular movie dates will certainly not be in our family's list of bonding activities. It is simply much too expensive for us. 

For today, it was an entirely new experience for Jarred as it was his first time to watch in a topnotch theater. He was in awe of the size of the movie house, plush seats and clean smell. He was excited to see the animated film "Rio", a feature about a domesticated blue macaw from mid-west United States who gets the adventure of a lifetime when he travels to Rio de Janeiro to reunite with the only other survivor of his species, the feisty and independent Jewel. It was a great blend of comedy, drama, romance and music - all working together to impart an important message about preserving the environment, reaching for your dreams, never giving up and love in the family. 

Jarred couldn't stop laughing during the hilarious parts and would freely tap his feet and snap his fingers during song numbers. At times, I would see him shy away during tender and romantic parts (wow, they understand about that already?).  Before the movie ended, he told me that his two sisters would certainly enjoy the movie but he knew it was far too expensive for our family. He just said that they should just all wait for it to show on HBO or Star Movies. 

As we were leaving the theater hall, he noticed a big billboard featuring Disney's "Cars 2" in   3D. He knew 3D would be much more pricey than the regular P180 ticket. He said, "I wonder when Cars 2 would come out. Mom, when it does, can we watch? I'll save up for it so that we can all watch. I can keep my allowance and maybe by then, I'll have enough for the movie." All I could do was say, "We'll see son...that's still too far away to think about..."

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