Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 61: All About BXU - Malling Promdi-style (2nd of a series)

Mall of Asia it is definitely NOT!!! However, it is the only mall-type store that can be found in Butuan. Having grown up in Quezon City, I'm used to seeing big malls all over the city...from SM to Robinson's to Ayala...and the malls get bigger and bigger every year. 

The Gaisano Mall of Butuan is a pretty small shopping center that surprisingly served its purpose for my family for the past four years. Despite its size, it had mostly all the basic foodstuff that we would need on a monthly basis. Of course, it didn't have specialty stuff like fresh herbs, imported flavorings (if you wanted authentic Italian meals) and a lot of choices for meats, fruits and vegetables but the basic stuff were there. Overall, it was good enough.

Because it didn't have that many stalls and features, we rarely spend long periods of time's more of "grab and go home" for us. When the kids want to have their arcade fix, there's a small one at the top floor offering rides and games for only P5 a pop. Comparing with the more popular Timezone, this was a steal. Well, the rides and games are old...what do you expect for the price, eh? But they make the kids happy and that's what's important. 

This is really a stark comparison to what happens on a weekend in NCR and in the provinces...most families would be seen malling and spending countless hours at MOA, Boni High Street, Megamall, Shangri-la Mall or Robinson's whereas here in the province, the mall serves as just a place where we source out our foodstuff/clothing needs.  Most families still spend a large part of the weekend either at home or in the outdoors (beach, mountains and the like).

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