Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 340: IN and OUT - The Birthday Surprise

It wasn't to be...or so I thought.

Hubby's trip back home had already been booked several weeks ago...the plan was to spend a brief weekend home for our son's 8th birthday. However, in the middle of last week, his work schedule changed and it would be impossible to come back home.  Although the kids had no idea about the homecoming, I did and it certainly dampened my spirits.

Not wanting the fare ticket go to waste, hubby  already planned to have it refunded over lunch break last Friday. Lo and behold, a couple of hours before their break, the trainer announced that a business meeting would require her to go to work the next Monday and so their days off had to remain in status quo. Hubby's teammates who knew of his homecoming plan couldn't help but cheer him on and be happy that his plan could push through. 

A prankster by nature, he thought that it would be wonderful if he would just surprise everyone without letting anyone know about this great turnaround of events.  I was attending the FREE TO FOLLOW Weekend the whole day that day (which hubby was supposed to attend with me originally before the change in his work schedule - apparently, a delay in the flight home and a turtle-speed of a bus caused him to arrive a couple of hours after noon which made him miss the scheduled formation talks that day) guess who got the biggest surprise upon arriving home that evening?  I felt as if I too was celebrating my birthday with my son that day.

Knowing that the trip home was very brief - barely 24 hours, the entire family made those few hours count.  It was a day full of love, hugs, kisses, and needed heart-to-heart talks. Time flew very fast and before we knew it, it was time for him to leave once more...the goodbye at the terminal was bittersweet...with the baby bawling her eyes out the minute her Dad left the car...

...I reassured the kids that they only had to count 12 days to our own trip - this time spending the Christmas and New Year holidays with their Dad and family.

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