Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 339: Free to Follow the Lord

Almost five months after our graduation from BCLP-12, we gather once more for the first of our formation talks in our journey to becoming faithful servants of Christ in the BCBP community.

For half a weekend, six out of the ten BCLP-12 graduates, joined by other brothers and sisters who haven't completed their FTFTL, came together at Embassy Hotel to listen to a series of talks for continued discernment about God's plan in our lives.

*** credits to Bro. Jeff Dellosa for most of the photos that appear on this post...thank you Bro!!!
I shall not delve into the details of the talks as I may preempt the expectations of those brothers and sisters who haven't undergone the course.  On a personal note however, I would have to say that God has shown His mighty presence and power once more as most of the topics discussed were direct answers to my existing predicaments in life. The Lord has answered my numerous questions, calmed my troubled heart and enlightened my confused mind.  The highlight of the day was being able to invite back the Holy Spirit in my life which humbled the heart of this lowly sinner.

To our brothers and sisters in BCBP-Butuan who made this great day of learning, discernment and empowerment possible, my deepest gratitude goes to you all! I know that everything was made possible by our ever-merciful and loving God. To Him be all the glory!!!

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