Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 338: Jarred Andrei turns 8!

The month of December is always extra special because aside from celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, our family also celebrates the natal day of JARRED ANDREI, the firstborn son.  Eight years ago today, I gave birth to a 7.3 lb healthy baby boy at the General Santos Doctors' Hospital.  It was a challenging delivery since I had to succumb to a caesarian operation after a gruelling 12-hour labor that didn't progress beyond 3 cm.  As a first time Mom, many things were so new, unfamiliar and downright scary.  It didn't help that I had the worst possible recovery period from my operation.  I just thank God that hubby and my Mom were at my side to give me loving support. 

Since birth, Jawed / "Mokong" / Red / Redboy has always been a dark-skinned baby and he revels in this "kayumanggi" complexion even now as a young man. Being the first grandchild on both sides of the family, Jarred was doted upon by his grandparents, aunts and uncles. He was showered with not just love and care but also with lots of tangible goods.  During his early years, Kuya Jawed enjoyed all the pampering and spoiling as an only child.  Suffice to say, he developed a less-desirable temperament as a young toddler.  

Fortunately, things turned around soon after the arrival of a new baby.  At age 4, Jarred was at the ripe age to become a Kuya.  And boy, how he doted on his baby sister!!!  He became a protective and caring older sibling to baby Caitlin.  Kuya made sure he was always around to assist Mom and Dad with caring for the new baby.  

All of the wonderful qualities that a young boy should have, started to unfold and develop rapidly soon after Jarred began preschool.  His academic learning and personal development multiplied tenfold within his year at Kinder 1.  He was growing up to be a charming and articulate little boy.  Jarred also took pride in his studies, oftentimes placing in the class top 5.  

He was almost 6 when another baby was welcomed by the family.  Even though he was obviously dissed with the fact that the men in the family are now outnumbered, he continued to play his role as a loving Kuya to both girls.  He could already do small tasks involving the care of his two younger sisters.  

When Kuya graduated from preschool last year, he made the whole family so proud by finishing as Salutatorian of his graduating class.  He certainly made such a stark turnaround from being a young "bugoy-bugoy" to a young man, teeming with intelligence, wit, charm and love. 

Today, he continues to grow in the love and fear of the Lord, learning day by day about God's plan for him.  He is growing up to be a very prayerful young lad, a responsible and dependable son, a loving and caring brother, and a reliable and affectionate friend. 

At night, while asleep, I peek in on him and get amazed at the sight of this wonderful young man.  I fight back the urge to wish that time freezes so that I could always keep him like this...but I know that time will pass and he will have to grow his wings and fly to fulfill his dreams. 

But for now, he is my little man...the other important man in Mommy's life...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Son!!!  I pray that you continue to soar in life and achieve everything you set your heart and mind into.  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

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  1. Happy birthday Jarred. You have never failed to amaze everyone of us dear. Keep soaring. Warm hugs and kisses. Tita Aries