Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 323: Joyeux Anniversaire!




There are as many different ways to call a father and a grandfather as there are languages in this world.   To celebrate Daddy's 66th birth anniversary, I thought of highlighting some of those ways...

For the past 66 years, Daddy has been the silent rock of his family...first as the youngest in a brood of five, he became the steady support for his brothers and sister especially in their twilight years. Then, most of his adult life was focused on doing everything possible to be the best husband and father. It wasn't smooth sailing nor was life like a bed of roses but he did his best.

Daddy has been my hero for most of my life...well, until hubby took over the role, of course.  Many of the things I know about life and love, I learned from him. He was a wonderful teacher. Growing up, I was a klutz who didn't quite have the right sense of style...well, Daddy became my fashion guru - for some reason, he knew the right colors and styles that would suit me and I always looked forward to our shopping escapades together. As a teenager, he was my protector and sometimes came across as too strict in his ways. In hindsight, this became a blessing as I believe I turned out to be a better person because of Daddy's special brand of discipline.

Now, Dad is doting Lolo to four grandchildren, three of which make up what I call "organized chaos" in my daily life. Whatever love and concern he had for us, his children, has been multiplied tenfold for his apos.  There is nothing he wouldn't do for his children, in-laws and grandchildren.

DADDY LOLO is simply the best in the world! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We love you!!!

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