Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 281: Nature's Bounty

This was the very first time we joined an out-of-town field trip together with the entire elementary class and faculty of BFCS. For two years in preschool, our entourage only composed of the Nursery, Kinder 1 & 2 classes and itinerary was usually limited to within the city only. 

Well, this school field trip turned out to be a family bonding time too as we all joined Kuya Jarred and his schoolmates. It began as an adventure ride since we decided to just wander off on our own and take the public bus from Butuan City to Balingoan, Misamis Oriental which took about 2.5 hours on the road. 

We arrived at Mantangale Dive Resort an hour short of noontime and just in time for Jarred to join the group picture taking. Soon after, it was time to unpack our lunch/picnic kits and get ready for lunch. Everyone brought so much food that it turned out like one big picnic party and sharing with each other was one of the greatest highlights of the day. 

After a short rest, the kids hit the pool, swam and played to their hearts' delight. A couple of hours before departing for Butuan, the kids were gathered by their teachers for some games and sports events. 

It was already dusk when we finally arrived home and it was obvious that the kids had an amazing time as they were soon dozing off to dreamland after a full day of fun, friends and family bonding. 

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