Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 259: God's Perfect Gift

I was a young girl of 9 or 10 when I began scribbling the name Catherine Campos over and over on scratch pieces of paper.  I thought that the name was regal-sounding enough...exuding of class and money.  You see, growing up, I always had this notion or dream that by my mid-twenties I'd be married with 2.5 kids, living in my own dream house with a white picket fence, just a stone's throw away from my own folks.  I had images of Sunday brunches with the kids being doted upon by Lolo and Lola every weekend.  This was what I thought life should be. Apparently, my ways are not God's thoughts are not His thoughts...I'd been planning my life dependent on what I thought was right...and God thought this shouldn't be.

Finding my life partner was a far cry from the "Mills & Boon"-ish love story I had always imagined it would be for me.  Whereas most of the women I knew got wooed with flowers and chocolates, went steady and dating with their boyfriends and eventually marrying them in a grand fashion... I had none of those. 

I found my other half in the most unlikely fashion that actually caused an uproar in both my personal and professional life.  He was NOT what I dreamed of.  I vowed never to date anyone a day younger than me - my requirement was he should be at least 3 years older.  Well, God thought it would be funny to make him nearly 5 years younger.  Mr. Right was supposed to be a smooth-talking, suave and confident young man...well, God gave me someone who had very little to say and yet when he does, he says the most amazing and smart things.  

As a teenager, I spent many nights in dreamland, forming scenes of extravagant candle-lit dinners, beautiful flowers and amazing gifts...after all, I was supposed to match up with a rich guy, right?  Well, God thought I should say goodbye to being a material girl and paired me with someone who was the breadwinner of his family - a hardworking young man tasked to send his brothers to school on the salary of an ordinary office worker.  

I always thought I'd be raising my family close to my parents and Sunday family lunches were to be the order of the week.  Well, God thought I'd be better off living independently from my folks, a good one-hour plane ride away and this is where he set me up to meet my match.

I planned my life in a straight line but the Lord made sure I experienced all the bumps and detours He made for me.  

I wanted a life filled with material wealth, comfort and security but God thought I needed to let go and instead experience what was important.

I wanted a dream house with a white picket fence but God thought I'd appreciate life more living in a rented space with the bathroom mapped like an outhouse.

I wanted 2.5 kids living close to their grandparents but God thought touching reunions would teach me and my 3 kids to value and appreciate parents and grandparents more.

I wanted a rich man to provide my every whim and wish but God thought what I needed was a smart, responsible and loving man who will instead teach me the value of hard work, money and true happiness. 

I wanted Mr. Right but God gave me someone who is far from perfect and yet in many ways is God's perfect gift to me...

To my dearest hubby...I thank God for His wisdom and for making it possible for me to meet you in this lifetime. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 


  1. this is lovely Cathee. I loved how you shared your appreciation for god's blessings in a very positive light. happy birthday to your husband!

    i too dreamed of marrying someone older than me and what do you know? my husband is 3 years younger and everytime people finds out that he is younger, i jokingly tell them, "mahilig ako sa bata eh" haha.

  2. CATHEE!!!!! I am in tears as I write this comment. Okay let me get it together. *takes a deep breath* Woo!

    First of all, thank you for reminding me that God's plan is always supreme. I can so relate to having dreams and plans for one's own life, only to be taken on a detour or a sudden right or left turn. It shakes the path to those dreams sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. We end up lost sometimes but we are always, always found.

    Thank you for reminding me of this. I've learned this many times but I also forget it many times. It's through other people's stories that I remember that God's plan is always best. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me of that.

    Second, your story is wonderful. I could see some facets of my relationship mirrored in yours. I too had my dream Prince Charming. He had a specific profile in my head -- logical, great with finance, charismatic, and lots more.

    Guess what? I prayed to God that I would get this guy and the funny thing is that I did. What happened next? We broke up.

    It wasn't right. That's when I realized that just because something you think is perfect for you doesn't mean it's truly right.

    I think it was God's way of telling me, "Ayan ha, I gave you what you asked for. So what did you learn from this?"

    Shortly after that learning I met a guy who was the complete opposite of what I had listed down, but was perfect for me. He made me laugh, he listened to me, he took care of me. Best of all, he made me happy. We got married in a year's time and tada, still together. <3

    Funny how life turns out 'no?

    And that my friend is my super long comment. Haha! Pasensya na. :)