Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 253: My Little Boy Scout

Entering primary school has brought in many firsts for my little man: 
  • spending whole day in school (when preschool used to be just half day)
  • wearing long trousers instead of shorts
  • fan-cooled room instead of an air-conditioned one
  • having more than 2 teachers (in preschool there was only 1 for English subjects and 1 for Chinese)
  • joining the out-of-town educational trip
and finally...
  • participating in scouting activities as a cub scout
Scouting is an alien topic for me as I grew up not knowing what it was all about. You see, scouting was not a compulsory subject during my elementary and high school days. In those days, scouting was considered as a club, where participation was voluntary. Well, here in Butuan, scouting is part of the curriculum. It was a sight to see my little man all dressed up in his Kab Scout uniform. 

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