Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 252: Best Buddies

Francis Ryan and Jarred Andrei first met as Kinder 1 classmates back in 2008. Ever since sharing a ride on a "trisikad" during BFCS' 20th Foundation Anniversary Parade (dressed as superheroes) and spending free time playing and running around, they've become inseparable friends. This school year, they've been spending more time hanging out even during weekends. Ryan would usually call at home and ask permission for Jarred to come over to his house for a playdate. On those days, I'd usually drop off my son in the morning and pick him up late in the evening. Somehow, that day together would sometimes seem to be not enough for these two young men as they'd ask for extension minutes of playtime. They'd usually go bike riding, swimming, play computer games and matchbox cars. It was at Ryan's massive backyard that Jarred first learned to ride a bike without the training wheels anymore. Recently, I heard my son mention the term "BFF" and for someone who's having difficulty with Pinoy terms, I was taken aback when he mentioned it. He said that's what his best friend Ryan told him they were...BFF - best friends forever...

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