Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 246: Pride and Joy

One of the gazillion things I love about being a mom is watching my children absorb the things they encounter everyday like sponges. Their learning potential is truly at its peak right now that they're in preschool and primary ages. 

Ever since starting formal school almost 3 years ago, Jarred Andrei, my firstborn, has developed in leaps and bounds from the very first time he held a pencil in his hand and attempted to write. Sure, he was an excellent verbal communicator but he was weak in reading and writing then. 

My little man has grown a lot since then and has achieved far greater than I have ever imagined he would. It was a mother's pride that nearly made me shed tears when I got up on stage to pin his ribbons during the 1st Quarter Recognition Day today. He was 2nd Honors in both the Chinese and English Departments. I was overwhelmed with joy as I saw that sparkle in his eye. It certainly made me think that all those hours labored over exam reviewers were well worth it.

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