Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 207: Golden Glory

This is how the new altar of the St. Joseph Cathedral in Butuan City looks like now. For the past several months, heavy construction and renovation has been going on to produce the marvelous golden glory that is seen in the picture. 

The kids couldn't keep mum their amazement and awe at the beauty in front of them as we took our places on the front pew during Sunday mass. Quickly, questions shot at me one after another: "Mom, who's that one on top?", "Which angel is that?", "Who are those people on either side of the altar?". Fortunately, there was still enough time to answer all their questions before the mass started.

I found it a good exercise too that the children got exposed to the different characters in Jesus' life. At least now, it'll be easier for Kuya Jarred to understand the scriptures when he's reading them for family Rosary time.

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