Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 204: As a judge

During the recently concluded Nutrition Week celebration at my son's school, I reprised my role as judge (last schoolyear was my first time). From the A1 Child competition for preschool, primary and intermediate categories, the jingle-making and interpretation, to the slogan and poster-making contests, there were so many talented children to choose from this year. Some were more witty and charming than others and yet hid wonderful treasures of talent inside.  Together with three other parents, we were tasked with choosing the best among the best. In the end, it was difficult to decide but the choices had to be made. For the preschool category, the A1 winners were from Kinder 1, for the primary category, the pair from Grade 2 bested their opponents and the Grade 6 partners were triumphant in the intermediate category. The Grade 2 and 6 pupils were the grand winners for the jingle-making and interpretation contest. Overall, it was a grand showcase of talent, skill and teamwork from all BFCS students. Kudos to all!

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