Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 194: Special "Bus" Service

The two girls are always excited to see off their Kuya to school or pick him up in the afternoon. Having him spend the whole day in school makes them miss him all the more. Their reunions are always so touching and poignant. Today, I brought them along to fetch Kuya...they happily mingled with the other school children as I was preoccupied with a young Grade 2 student who had been harassed by an upperclassman. All three young ones were happy to play with the other students who were waiting for their parents, yayas or drivers while I was appeasing the young girl who kept on breaking into sobs. We left the school with a disturbed feeling about the new student who has been bullying the younger girls. (Note to self: Remember to bring it up during the next PTA meeting)

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