Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 188: P-Noy Time

Barely two weeks into the presidency, P-Noy is setting a trend it seems...

One of the things that the Filipino is quite known for worldwide is his weird concept of time and punctuality. For some reason, we are known for not having a good sense of time management - we think it's okay to be late for appointments, meetings and occasions. We get flacked by foreigners because of this.

For the 2nd or 3rd time since his inauguration, President Noynoy Aquino arrived late for an important event today...the Red Mass of the Catholic Church. When pressed for an explanation the next day, P-Noy blamed his tardiness on three things: staying up late for an event the previous night, brownouts at his place and an upset stomach. 

Much has been publicized about his "wang-wang" directive and I must say he's probably setting a good example but if he really wants to be the role model of the entire Filipino nation, he should start from the most basic behavior and that is having the courtesy to be on time for appointments. By dignifying his tardiness with excuses, he's sending the wrong message to the people - that it is okay to be late as long as you didn't use a siren/'wang-wang' or you lined up at the jeepney/MRT terminal.

This country has bigger problems to address and solve...let's move on to the more important stuff and avoid dwelling on the trivialities please!

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