Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 186: City Life

It will be more than eight years now that I'd been living the promdi (provincial) life. Being born and raised in Manila/Quezon City for most of my life, it is still a puzzle to me (and to most people who know me) how I was able to appreciate and love the simple life. Knowing and seeing it is one thing but living it is entirely a different matter altogether. 

I was known as "lakwatsa" and "porma" girl in my younger days. The Greenhills Shopping Center was my hangout place and I remember needing to be updated with the latest fashion trend. That was one effect of growing up in a private all-girls school. I had this lopsided view about life and belongingness. I grew up believing I had to be "in" to feel that I fit in. I guess that was the reason why I never felt real happy during elementary and high school days. I was always measuring myself against my richer and well-placed classmates that I forgot that the most important thing was developing my own being and individuality. 

I was fortunate to learn this once I entered the country's state university where my classmates came from all walks of life and from all over the country. It was where kikay met jologs and sossy hobnobbed with geeky and it was sooooo okay. For the first time in my life, I felt that I belonged in this crazy world. 

I guess it was this awesome, mind-blowing and culture-shaking experience that made me  go for the unusual things in life - choosing to start a career right smack in Manila's pier area, deciding to move to Cebu for independence and finally settling for a laid back life in Northern Mindanao.

Shunning away from the busy city life has probably added several years to my life expectancy because of less stress, no pollution and a no-excess lifestyle. The lure of the bright lights only come once in a blue moon and is easily fixed through a brief vacation in the city. Looking at how well my children are - carefree, simple and happy, I know that hubby and I must be doing something right and have made the best decision we could ever make for the family - the rustic provincial living. 

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