Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 184: Miracles and Renewal

REBIRTH...RENEWAL...RECONCILIATION...Our very first Christian experience was the baptism we received as infants. At the time, our parents and godparents stood as "witnesses" for us. As we grew older in our walk of faith, we experience many challenges and reach numerous crossroads and in many instances, we lose touch with what it truly means and takes to be a Christian. Sometimes we get lost in the hustle and bustle of life or get lured by false contentment given by material things. 

Hubby and I were blessed by God to have been given an opportunity to renew ourselves with Him through the loving support of our BCBP community. Like doubting Thomas, we needed to see to believe and when we did, God's promise of eternal life became true and alive. Through our Baptism in the Holy Spirit, we were able to receive gifts of outrageous proportions. We were unworthy and yet the Lord poured out His bountiful blessings into us. 

It is life-changing...and it is indeed a true rebirth into God's loving arms. Praise Him now and forever!!!

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