Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 87: My Fashionista

Upon seeing the mountain pile of new clothes and footwear sent by her Mommy Lola and Tita Tintin, Cailie became so excited to try on the items.  She went "oooohhhh" and "aaaahhhhhh" every time I showed her something new.  She especially liked the trench coat, matching jackets (younger sister CeeJae has one too), matching formal dresses and hooded shirts.

She handpicked this Radio Flyer jumper (a hand-me-down from cousin Tristan), printed blouse and pair of aqua sneakers to wear for Palm Sunday mass today.  As I look at her now, I give a sigh of relief...gone are the days she'd kick and scream every time I try to let her wear a dress or skirt or anything girly.  I've hidden most of her baseball caps so she's okay now with ponytails and pigtails.  I guess with little sister CeeJae around, Cailie was able to rediscover the fashionista in her.

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