Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 85: Laag-laag

Since it was brownout again, we decided to go out and joy ride around the city.  I had some stuff to buy anyway so off we went.  Lunch was at Rose's Bakeshop/Cafe and it was there that we discovered a new find - Guava Juice in doy pack! It was good considering it was being marketed to compete with the big boys like Zest-O and Sunkist.  

While the boys were having their haircut, us girls were left waiting in the resto and made us of the time posing for the camera.
To relieve us of the summer heat, Cailie, CeeJae and I enjoyed Selecta Ice Cream Sticks in Quezo Real and Cookies n Cream flavors.  Here's Cailie, gamely showing off her love for ice cream.

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