Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 83: The Graduate

March 24, 2010...a very special day for an extraordinary young boy closest to my heart...

Jarred Andrei, my firstborn, has finished the first chapter in his school life - he is now a full-pledged preschool graduate.

I can still remember like it was only yesterday when he entered the blue gate of BFCS for the very first time back in the summer of 2008.  We were "school hunting" and BFCS was the first school we visited.  From the start, he felt at home and accepted at Butuan Faith.  Even though we took him to two more schools in the city, he seemed to be set on choosing BFCS as his school.

To test the waters, he took summer classes there that year and it was very tough on him.  He would be in tears every time he had to write as he'd use both hands to do it since he wasn't used to writing.  I thought he'd give up but he didn't.  After a month, the teacher said he's ready to finally face Kinder I.

As I look back, it never ceases to amaze me how his learning development multiplied tenfold soon after that summer.  Oh sure, his English speaking ability was flawless, well, we made sure of that but he did lag behind in the other areas of development.  By the end of his Kindergarten I year, he managed to be within the top 3 of his class and survived his Filipino subject at the same time.

He faced Kindergarten II with greater confidence and even more excitement.  He worked twice as hard as he did in his first year in school.  As a result, not only did he end up acing his English Department subjects, he also clinched 5th place in the Chinese Department subjects.

Our heart was bursting with pride as he did his Salutatory address...

By the end of the ceremony, he had several awards pinned on his chest.  These blessings came as a result of God's grace and pure hard work.  I took this tough preschool journey with him and I know things weren't always easy but Jarred gave his best and reaped all the benefits in the end.

The synergy of his hardworking teachers, parental support at home and the small class size structure worked together to mold him into the wonderful young boy he is now.

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